Sports Fields

The Steve Omischl Sports Complex
3 FIFA Certified Soccer Fields - 1 natural turf, 2 artificial turf (1 lined for Football)
3 Ball Fields
Additional features include: parking, bleacher seating, shelter and public washrooms
Thomson Park
Rolly Fisher Football Field
Johnson Ball Field and Troy Ball Field
Amelia Park
Ball Field
Soccer Field
Features include: close proximity to beach areas, trail systems and Lee Park
Armstrong Park
Lennox Ball Field
Graham Soccer Field
Features include: public beach access, canoe club and jr. play equipment
Laurentian Playground
Centennial Ball Field
Features include: basketball pad, community building, outdoor rink, ski trails and play equipment
Veterans Park
Veterans Ball Field
Veterans Soccer Field
ONR Soccer Field
Optimist Park
Kelly Ball Field
Handley Ball Field
Features include: batting cages and score boards
Sam Jacks Recreation Complex
Bowness Ball Field
Gray Ball Field
Exhibition Grounds (West Nipissing)
4 Baseball Fields
1 Legal sized soccer field with football uprights
Features include: fencing, bleachers and washroom
Richelieu Park (West Nipissing)
2 Baseball Fields
1 Small Jr. Soccer Field
Features include: bleachers and fenced-in field areas
Lion's Park (Powassan)
Lion's Baseball Field
Softball Field
East Ferris Athletic Fields
1 Soccer Field
1 Ball Field
Callander Athletic Fields
1 Soccer Field
2 Ball Fields